NetOps OIConnector requirements to include metrics from VNA-managed network objects
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NetOps OIConnector requirements to include metrics from VNA-managed network objects


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DX Operational Intelligence DX OI SaaS


The /opt/CA/OIConnector/conf/config.xml includes a section "CAPM Metric Configuration", however OOTB the connector doesn't transfer data from other data sources/Metric Families, such as VNA. 


- What's the correct format/syntax for a section that would enable VNA-derived metrics to be sent via the Connector to OI?
- How can I know in advance what metric families any particular VNA plugin will collect (via API) and then populate into CA PM?
- Does the connector handle transfer of AppNeta data?



-DX NetOps 23.x
-DX Operational Intelligence 23.x or SaaS 
-NetOps OIConnector 3.x



1) Fist step is to identify the specific metric families and metrics within those metric families that you wish to export.

2) Use the Vendor Certification web service on the DA to determine all possible VNA metric families.
Sample output:


You can use xpath to find all certifications with Protocol=SDN, and then the MF QName needed for configuring OI Connector would be the value in the DestCert element.

This will give you a complete picture of what VNA can provide.  You could tie these back to specific VNA plugins using the <branch> tag of the VC ( which contains the VNA MF name ) and the VNA documentation which should list the VNA MFs that a plugin supports.

3) Appneta is only publishing data for the VNA metric family: NETWORK_PATH which maps to the DA metric family: (note: there is plan to include in the future the WEB_PATH metric family)

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