Licensing Query for Dollar Universe Components
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Licensing Query for Dollar Universe Components


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Please find this document provide details in general around licensing model of Dollar Universe.



Version: 6.10.01 and higher


As per  TECH DOC > USER LICENSE there are no more physical license post 6.10.01, than how is usage tracked?

Please refer the licensing policy document License and Service Terms & Repository for more details. The Dollar Universe specific licensing document can be referred from below links

How to check how much licenses are used?

The licenses consumed are validated via Telemetry

If we install a DUAS on same node in 2 environment (Eg: Area - X and Area S) , then how much DUAS license will be counted.

We count only the number of Node, A Node may activate several Areas and still be counted as one Node. 

We have on-premise license and we want to move to cloud provider like AWS/Azure for our Node infrastructure. Do we need to procure new licenses to do so?

We checked and you don't need to procure any separate license to install the product on VM of cloud provider.

 We want to take opportunity to share with you the Tech Doc: Dollar Universe Compatibility with Cloud Providers