Troubleshooting SSL Communication
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Troubleshooting SSL Communication


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


This document list down commands and step can be followed to troubleshoot the issue related to SSL communication between nodes and UVMS.



Version: 6.x, 7.x or higher


Validate SERVER and TRUSTEDCA certs on Node

The communication between nodes can be obstructed if they are not having appropriate certificates shared among them to establish TRUST. Follow instruction below to validate the SERVER and TRUSTEDCA certs on each node

  • Load the node environment $INSTALL_DIR\unienv.bat/ksh

  • Change directory to $INSTALL_DIR\bin and run below commands (use output redirection i.e. >> or > to file)

    • ./unissl LIST -type TRUSTEDCACERT -view 

    • ./unissl LIST -type SERVERCERT -view


Enabling SSL Traces

Enable SSL Traces in the main log level of the Nodes, where SSL communication issue is observed. Follow the instruction below to enable trace

  • Login to UVC
  • Navigate to UVC > Nodes > Select Node > Node Settings > Logging > Main Log Level and set to 0,SSL,SSLPROC,NETWORK

Validate inter-node communication via Command Line

To validate the communication between node we can do same by running below command

Command Syntax: $SOURCE_NODE_INSTALL_DIR\bin\uxlst atm node=TARGET_NODE

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