Remove servers with robots from UIM monitoring when there is no server access
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Remove servers with robots from UIM monitoring when there is no server access


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have some vendor managed servers which are under agent-based monitoring. The windows team does not have access to those servers and so they are unable to uninstall the Nimsoft agent from the server. Please let us know how can we remove servers from UIM monitoring.


  • DX UIM 20.4


  • Administration
  • No access to server with robot installed



1. Deactivate or uninstall the robot service whenever possible, and if not possible,

2. Set up a firewall rule blocking port 48002 coming from the robot you wish to remove.

3. Once one of the above steps is done you then can rt-click and remove the robot from the hub robots screen and it will not return.

In DX UIM 20.4 CU7 or higher you can cleanup inactive robots to decommission them.

4. Cleanup Inactive Robots (for decommissioning)

(From 20.4 CU7) Hub is now pre-configured to REMOVE the robot entries that are dormant or inactive for a long duration. This option is enabled by default. Robots that are dormant or inactive (that is, not reporting to the hubs) for a period of 30 days are automatically removed.

They do not show up in the AC or IM GUI.
To disable the feature, modify the following parameters appropriately:

Set the flag to No to disable decommissioning.
Default: Yes

Set the number of days after which the inactive robot must be decommissioned.
Default: 30

Check the last updated date of the robot.sds file. If the file is updated more than 10 days earlier, restart any one of the robots under the upgrading hub to update the robot.sds file with the robot's last updated time.

5) Robot 'blacklist'

Requires UIM 20.4 CU8 or higher

The robot BLACKLIST option may be a workable option long as you have access to the Hub (hub.cfg) that the robot or robots fall under.

It is only available in DX UIM version 20.4 CU8 or higher.

Block or Unblock Robots

Blocking a robot changes the robot to a 'STOP' state until further intervention.