RA Mail 3.1 impacts the deployment of the MAIL Agent 21.0.1
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RA Mail 3.1 impacts the deployment of the MAIL Agent 21.0.1


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


On a System that hosts a RA MAIL 3.1 already  (provided by partner) a MAIL Agent of the new generation gets deployed.
The templates of the connector of the new Mail agent 21.0.1 is corrupted. The panel with the SMTP Parameter is missing:

Compared to a healthy Connector Object coming with the 21.0.1 Mail Agent, that had been deployed on a virgin system

More details that can be present when this problem occur:

But on the impacted system we found only the RA 3.1 plugin in AWI listing, the equivalent plugin for 21.0.1 can be missing

The Store object UC_ECC_PLUGINS should not contain 


AE 21.0.8 HF1
RA MAIL Agent 3.1 
Mail Agent 21.0.1


This is a bug in the 21.0.1 Mail Agent


This bug is fixed in version 21.0.2 of the MAIL Agent. This Module should be displayed.


-- Before deploying this new Module it is recommend to delete manually the Entry of the 21.0.1 Agent in the UC_ECC_PLUGINS store object and to delete the template of the 21.0.1 connector object.
-- To have the AWI plugin list updated, and these changes taken into account, AWI session should be closed.

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