Manually restart gaugefs on Security Analytics
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Manually restart gaugefs on Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


If the gaugefs process will not stop or seems to be hung, you can manually kill and restart the process.  Restarting the whole appliance is always an option, but if you can't risk losing any capture data, restarting the gaugefs process independently is a good option. 


NOTE:  if there are any current reports running, this process will terminate those reports.

To restart gaugefs, run the following commands as root from a terminal session (please note the use of back-tick's around the pid command, not apostrophes):

  1. systemctl stop monit
  2. kill -9 `pidof gaugefs`
  3. systemctl restart solera-gaugefs
  4. systemctl start monit

Run df -h and confirm that gaugefs shows up in the Filesystem mount list