Account can not be modified without any mapped attributes
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Account can not be modified without any mapped attributes


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CA Identity Suite


After upgrading IM from version 14.3 to 14.4 + CP2, on the Lotus Domino connector, if we try to synchronize a user the following failure appears:

ETA_E_0097<MAC>, Lotus Domino Account 'Test Account' on 'Test_Domino' synchronization with account templates failed: Connector Server Modify failed: code 19 (CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION): failed to modify entry: eTLNDAccountName=Test Account,eTLNDOrganizationName=DominoTest,eTLNDDirectoryName=Test_Domino,eTNamespaceName=Test Lotus Domino Server,dc=im,dc=etasa: JCS@host: objectClass='eTLNDAccount', name='Test Account' can not be modified without any mapped attributes (ldaps://

We have verified that the problem occurs only for the "Custom Capability Attributes" or "Custom Attributes" attributes, while if we try to modify any out of the box attribute then the provisioning occurs without failure.


Release : 14.4.2

Component : CA Identity Manager


Please check the eTMetadata attribute of the non working environment and if it has property "<property name="eTLNDCustomAttribute01">" then remove the excess quotes (" ") from the property to make it <property name="eTLNDCustomAttribute01">

Also make sure to add all the custom and custom capability attributes that we need to use in the environment such as below


After this change, perform a synchronization and we should not detect any failure.