Action Items link to Status Report does not link to the correct one.
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Action Items link to Status Report does not link to the correct one.


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Action Items link to a Status Report only directs the end-user to the latest Status Report in a Draft Status

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a new process
  2. Status Report as Primary Object
  3. Available for On Demand Start, Save and Continue
  4. Start Options>>On-demand
  5. Under Start Step>>Action select Manual Action
  6. Create a Manual Action for the Status Report, including the Investment Name in the subject.
  7. Assignees are who you want to notify
  8. Validate and activate
  9. In Classic View, open a project and go to Status Reports
  10. Create two status reports.  Set the first one as the final one.
  11. Click on the Final Status Report
  12. Click on the Processes tab
  13. Search for Available processes
  14. Start the process you created
  15. Open MUX
  16. Go to My Workspaces
  17. Under Actions items, you should see a link to the final Status Report
  18. Click on the link

Expected Results - You are directed to the status report that the process was ran

Actual Results - The link will direct you to the latest status report in draft mode.






Fixed in 16.2.1