Gen 8.6 server application migration from COBOL to Java and EABs
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Gen 8.6 server application migration from COBOL to Java and EABs


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This article covers migrating Mainframe Gen 8.6 COBOL distributed process servers to Gen Java EJB servers and how to handle external action blocks (EABs) being used on the Mainframe.


When Gen applications are migrated from one platform (OS/programming language etc) to another normally any EABs must be rewritten in the programming language of the new platform. Gen now supports Inline Code so the rewrite could also move the external action blocks to inline code.

In some cases, it may be desirable for the EABs to remain on the original platform like the Mainframe. If those EABs are already published or can be published as SOAP or RESTful web services then because Gen now supports the consumption of web services the Gen Server PStep EAB calls could be replaced with web service calls for use under the Java platform.
From a Gen EJB Java server, it can use either the function CALL EXTERNAL to call a SOAP web service or the function CALL REST to call a RESTFul web service.

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