UT020119 Subschema timestamp mismatch UT020041 1202 UT000037
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UT020119 Subschema timestamp mismatch UT020041 1202 UT000037


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Running IDMS ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), The LOAD NETWORK gets error:

UT020119 IDMSULDN Warning: Subschema timestamp mismatch                  

         Control file: 2023-12-22-                        

         Extract file: 2023-12-12-             

Other possible errors are:

UT020041 IDMSULD1 Load error status: 1202          

UT000037 Dbkey nnnnnnnn not found in Bound area



IDMS 19.0


When the EXTRACT NETWORK is run it puts the subschema timestamp in the control file like this:

* IDMS Load Network Control File                   
* Datetime stamp: 2023-08-24-    
* Subschema:      EMPSS01                          
* DBName:         EMPDEMO

It also puts the same timestamp in the first line of the extract file like this:

The UT020119 is a warning and indicates these timestamps are different so the files were created by different  EXTRACT NETWORK runs with different subschemas. 

The 1202 error status and message UT000037 indicate  the dbkey is not within the page range of the area being loaded.



The problem in this case was due to the wrong extract file being used as input in the SYS001 DD statement.

Multiple EXTRACT NETWORKs were run for different areas. The extract was for a different area to the one being loaded.

Additional Information

See IDMS documentation sections Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), LOAD NETWORK and EXTRACT NETWORK.