"UDP Discard %" always at 100% on NetMaster primary menu
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"UDP Discard %" always at 100% on NetMaster primary menu


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


The TCPIP Stack stats on the "NetMaster : Primary Menu" panel show "UDP Discard %"  always at 100% for a couple of stacks:

How can this be resolved? 


NetMaster 12.2 


This is not a NetMaster problem, as it simply reports the statistics of the monitored TCPIP stacks. 

If you move the cursor on the "UDP Discard %" line and then press the PF1 key, you will see the detailed explanation of the meaning of this value and the suggested actions:

    The percentage of UDP datagrams received that were discarded because they  
    had errors, including 'no port' errors. These discards may be caused by    
    inactive applications or incorrect network configuration. High discards    
    waste host and network resources.                                          
    UDP Discard % (attribute name udpDgrmsDiscard% ) is calculated as the      
    number of UDP datagrams received for which there was no UDP listener port  
    ( udpDgrmsNoPort ) plus the number of UDP datagrams received that were in  
    error ( udpDgrmsInError ), divided by the total number of UDP datagrams    
    received ( udpDgrmsReceived + udpDgrmsNoPort +udpDgrmsInError ).           
    Values are for the latest sampling interval and are sourced from the       
    RFC 2013 UDP-MIB SNMP MIB.                                                 
Recommended Action                                                             
    Look at Current UDP Activity                                               
    -  To show the current stack IP network and TCP/UDP protocol statistics,   
       use the Stack Management menu at /STACK option IPM . These figures are  
       cumulative since this stack was started.                                
    -  Look at "Datagrams In With Errors" and "Datagrams With No Port          
       Available". Which is contributing most, to UDP discards?                
    -  To display current UDP end points and their total traffic counts, use   
       Connection List /CONNC with the criteria Connection Status EQ UDP       
    -  To display real-time stack traffic by protocol, showing what            
       percentage of stack traffic is UDP, use /STACK.TRS                      
       Real-time UDP traffic can further be broken down by Stack Home Address  
       or Stack Interface. See which stack interface has the most UDP          
       traffic, and check this activity first.                                 
    Look at Applications                                                       
    Check that all local UDP applications are active and have no storage, CPU  
    or other resource problems.                                                
    Look at Devices                                                            
    Check that network nodes that access local UDP applications are            
    configured to connect to the right sockets.                                
    Consider a Packet Trace                                                    
    To capture packets with particular UDP characteristics or UDP header       
    data, define a SmartTrace based on the General UDP Trace at /SMART.A       
    Specify as many criteria as tightly as possible, to reduce the trace       
    volume and overhead.                                                       

    Note: Inordinately high UDP discard counts may be due to deliberate
    behavior - check your network intrusion detection service.