Creating Data Protection Policy For Mail Routing
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Creating Data Protection Policy For Mail Routing


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This article is to provide steps on creating a Data Protection policy to route mail for individual users or groups.


When you have users on the same domain that requires mail to be routed to a different mail host and not to the primary Inbound Routes.


1. Creating User Groups under Users and Groups 

  1. Create new group
  2. Enter group name
  3. Search for individual user or click on the Search button to see available users
  4. Add to Group members
  5. Save and exit

2. Creating a Name Route

  1. Please see article How to create and edit a named route

3. Creating Data Protection Policy

  1. Email Services>Data Protection>Create new policy
  2. Name: Specify Name
  3. Apply to: Inbound emails only
  4. Execute if: ALL rules are met
  5. Action: Route To
  6. Name route: Select name route you have created under Step 2
  7. Notification: Select Edit and deselect all notification
  8. Add Rule
  9. Add a condition > Recipient Group
  10. Browse for a Group and select the group you have created under Step 1
  11. Email recipient: Is in any of the selected groups
  12. Save