Symantec Identity Suite 14.4.02 CHF001 patch problem
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Symantec Identity Suite 14.4.02 CHF001 patch problem


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CA Identity Suite


We are having some issues applying the CHF001 cumulative hot fixes for IM, IP and IG in vApp 14.4.02.

We are getting an error when applying the patch downloaded from Broadcom support website:

> patch_vapp CHF_IGV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz

[WARN] It is highly recommended to run the patching process from within a "tmux" session - which you can re-login to in case the SSH session disconnects
[WARN] Please execute the command "tmux" and then run this command again

Do you want to continue the patch installation while NOT on a tmux session? (y/n)  y
[INFO] Proceeding with patch installation
[INFO] Verifying signature on package /home/config/CHF_IGV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz
[ERROR] - BAD SIGNATURE on /home/config/CHF_IGV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz (error 2):
gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.
gpg: the signature could not be verified.
Please remember that the signature file (.sig or .asc)
should be the first file given on the command line.

[ERROR] upgrade package /home/config/CHF_IGV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz failed verification - this is not a genuine vApp upgrade package!

[INFO] The patch installation consumed 0 bytes on Volume "/"
[INFO] Note: this value is approximate as it may count data written to the disk by services running on the system while the patch was undergoing installation


vApp 14.4.02 CHF001 patches are provided as tar archives, and must be expanded first (except CHF_VA-14.4.2-20231019120955-VA001.tgz.gpg file that can be used directly)


Use tar utility to expand the patch archives:

tar -xpvf <tar_file_name>

For instance:

> tar -xpvf CHF_IMV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz

Please note that each of the archives (CHF_IGV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz, CHF_IMV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz and  CHF_IPV-14.4.2-CHF001.tar.gz) contains a folder, which in tern contains one or more patch files, like IM archive shown above.
So to install a patch please include folder name:

patch_vapp CHF_IMV-14.4.2-CHF001/CHF_CS-14.4.2-20231020113230-CHF001.tgz.gpg