Nas Probe Scheduler did not deactivate AO after scheduled time
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Nas Probe Scheduler did not deactivate AO after scheduled time


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have set up a NAS Scheduler to deactivate a certain Auto-Operator profile during a certain period. 

We are using Mode = 'By Recurring Event' and Operation 'Deactivate Profile"

However, the AO profile remained deactivated even after the "End Date". Why has this happened? 

What does the "duration" field do? 



UIM 20.4.x / 23.4


Documentation Deficency


When using "By reoccurring event" and the Operation is "Deactivate Profile" the option "Duration" is available to be selected. 

The duration is defined in the Release Notes: 

The nas Auto-Operator Tab (

This implies that, if you set a duration of a certain amount of time, for example 1hour, and the Schedule ends by "2024-01-01 23.00" this will imply that the "duration" so "how long the Auto-Operator" will be treated will actually be "1h" STARTING from the END of the schedule, so starting around "2024-01-01 23.00".


The profiles will remain "Deactivated" from "2023-12-31 23.00" to "2024-01-01 23.00" +  "1h" so effectively "2024-01-02 00.00"



Solution: Change configuration 

The mode "Recurring Event" is not the best method to just Deactivate profiles, but it is more indicated for script runs. Although it can work, if the intention is that the end of the "operation" corresponds to the "End date"  a duration to "1 min", for example, should work. This way, it will stop being active nearly immediately after the "End by" date is passed. 


The following mode is more indicated to deactivate a certain profile: 


1. Use "by time" instead of "reoccurring event". 

With this method, the schedule will end exactly at the end time. 


Utlitmately, If using "Recurring Event" use with caution the "Duration" field as it interferes with the time the schedule takes effect on your AO or Pre-processing rules.