21.0 Home button works differently than in 12.3
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21.0 Home button works differently than in 12.3


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In 21.0, when hitting the Home button icon, it will take you to the last dashboard viewed in the browser tab rather than the home dashboard.  In 12.3, it would take you to the home dashboard always.  

The link on the lower left hand side in the browser for the home button will show https://[automic_url]:8443/awi/[client]@home and if you go to that URL directly, it will take you to the home dashboard.

If you open a new tab and hit the home button, it will go to the home dashboard.  
If you log into a new session in a different browser, it will go to the home dashboard
If you open a new window in the same browser, it will go to the home dashboard

It's only in the same tab without reloading that will go the last chosen visited dashboard.


There are other things that work like this as well - when going to Administration, it will first open to User Management -> Users.  If you go to Administration -> Automation Engine Management, then to Process Assembly, then back to Administration, it will still go to Automation Engine Management whereas in 12.3 it would always go to User Management -> Users.


This is caused by the new 21.0 design of the AWI


This behavior is considered as designed.  The design was changed with the updates to the AWI for 21.0.  Some information on this can be found below:

  • All icons/links on the menu bar - Home, Process Assembly, Process Monitoring etc.. lead/link to the corresponding view rather than a static link for that perspective
  • If you stay in the same browser session (no open link in new window/tab) and switch between the views, you will always navigate to the last spot you visited in the selected view
  • Example, you are in Process Monitoring, viewing the forecasts. Click on Process Assembly to check something, then switch back to Process Monitoring once again
    • You will once again have the Forecast section - the last that was opened/shown.
    • Before switching notice that the URL on hover gives the URL with the '@pm' at the end.
  • The same can also be considered for the Home - it is a link to the Home view, not necessary the home dashboard as it was in 12.3 (static URL)
  • Now, when you open or switch to a view (Process Monitoring, Administration...) but in a new window or tab, a new browser session is opened, and this always leads to a 'clean' start in the view.
    • If you open 'Home' you will get the Home Dashboard
    • If you open Administration you will always get User Management -> Users section
    • For Process Monitoring you will always go to Tasks and so on.

This is a slightly different navigation concept that was introduced with the version 21.0

With 21.0, there is too much that would need to be re-designed with the code that could lead to other problems to change this at this point.  With that being the case, a feature request/idea would need to be created here: https://community.broadcom.com/ideation/allideas?Page=1&CategoryKeys=1e4ef0d7-da0d-4d8b-9139-87c7105799c8&StatusKeys=&Sort=MostRecent in order for this to be considered for a future release.