Clarity-Rally integration lookup mappings
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Clarity-Rally integration lookup mappings


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On the Clarity-Rally integration, a Clarity static list lookup has been mapped to a Rally Drop-Down
When setting the attribute mapping for the mapped lookup, we have a different number of values on the "Clarity to Rally" and "Rally to Clarity" screens.
While "Rally to Clarity" displays all the available values, "Clarity to Rally" only shows a fraction of those. Why is this?


The int_external_data table holds the lookup values from Rally for the lookup mapping done
There is an is_active column. The rows whose is_active column is set to 1 are displayed on the "Clarity to Rally" screen while the "Rally to Clarity" screen displays all, regardless if it is active or not 


This is_active column will be updated by the Job "Import Integration Mappings".
For the Rally active/available dropdown values, the is_active will be 1. The dropdown values that were available in Rally previously and not available/not active right now then the is_active will be 0.

1. When we populate the rows (Rally To Clarity) the Rally dropdown will show a value for the row so the Clarity dropdown value can be selected. In this case, we populate the rows for all the values, even is_active =0 (to keep and show the old/existing values as they are)
2. When we populate the Rally dropdown with a list of values (Clarity To Rally), we show the active values only in the Rally dropdown as the user has to select only the active or currently available dropdown values.

In general when we remove the existing dropdown value for the dropdown in the Rally, and run the "Import Integration Mappings" in Clarity, we see the is_active as 0