MQ 9.3 interaction with IPC
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MQ 9.3 interaction with IPC


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Does IPC 15.1 have any interaction with MQ 9.3?


IPC 15.1


As it can be read on the README for IPC 15.1 section of the Datacomâ„¢ Tools 15.1 documentation, "IPC 15.1 also provides FMID CAVQF16 for the MQ Transport Service component."

However, very few sites use the MQ Transport Service component (i.e.FMID CAVQF16), so if your site does not have this component installed, then you need nothing further.

You can read more about this in the IPC 15.1 documentation section Run the Installation Jobs for a Pax Installation. Also note that the IPC 15.1 README does not mention any issue with MQ.


Additional Information

See also "MQ 9.2 interaction with Datacom/DB and IPC" for additional details about interactions between MQ and Datacom.