Datacom 15.1.01 level-set cross reference
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Datacom 15.1.01 level-set cross reference


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I have Two questions on level set maintenance and its use

1) Is Datacom 15.1.02 level-set equal to CARS2301?

2) Is there a cross reference matrix somewhere on Support website?


Development happened to choose CARS 2301 as a base, but that will not be the case going forward. Each Datacom product subgroup will have their own cadence for Level Set Maintenance and may not match up with a certain CARS report.

Level Set maintenance is designed to help out clients who are significantly behind on maintenance. Not to customer who are active and are on the most current maintenance. The Level set maintenance PTF pull all the necessary prerequisite PTFs to a specific level. The customer then choose how they want to send over the PTF's to their Mainframe by either FTP, downloading a ZIP file, or the other options listed on our website.

Another note is that the Datacom Level Set maintenance is only for the Datacom family and its sub products. If applicable, each sub product will have its own Level Set maintenance. CA Recommended Service (CARS) are monthly reports that encompasses all Broadcom Mainframe products. For more information about Level Set Maintenance and the difference between CARS can be found on  Apply Level Set PTF Maintenance