Generate a Macro alarm from alarms
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Generate a Macro alarm from alarms


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Is it possible to generate a macro alarm from a number of specific alarms?

Example: I am monitoring the status of 50 processes in a robot, but I am not interested that every time a process is down it generates an alarm, but that I can decide that if 5,10,15 processes are down, I can generate an alarm.


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  • Event correlation


You can leverage the use of nas triggers which filter the alarm and allows boolean logic (AND/OR), then generate a new 'macro' alarm, (new_alarm) and close/make invisible the individual alarms (if desired).

I would also suggest posting a message to the community to see if someone wrote a LUA script/stub to do something like this...also if the customer has Spectrum, DX NetOps Spectrum also has event correlation.

For nas triggers, see: 

UIM NAS - Triggers Tab

In other words, you can create let's say, 5 triggers, 1 for each monitored process. Then use an AND operator (process a and b and c and d and e) are down, generate a new aggregate (macro) alarm (action =  new_alarm), and either choose to close or make invisible the 5 process alarms. See "Setting Triggers."

Your nas Auto Operator profile can then take advantage of these ANDed triggers and you can generate a new ‘macro’ alarm.

In general, using the nas GUI, you would create triggers and use some boolean logic to create a new critical alarm for instance, then create another rule which fires once this new alarm is created, to close the previous 3 alarms leaving only the single NEW critical alarm.


 If you prefer, you can use a script for correlating events/alarms as well, please refer to:

Tech Tip: UIM - correlating several alarms in the NA