Monitor Cluster level
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Monitor Cluster level


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We would like to monitor and collect logs from cluster level deployments of off the shelf software that aren't easily modifiable to use a sidecar filebeat.  Deploying filebeat as a daemonset with the appropriate role and role bindings allows the filebeat to collect logs from anything in the cluster. 

I see no option for deploying the aiops filebeat image as anything but a sidecar to applications.

Deployments of filebeat as a daemonset that have been tried don't seem to be communicating with the aiops-log-collector(logstash) that is running in the cluster


For now, we do not support this kind of monitoring, an enhancement request was already raised to have it in our monitoring portfolio, it will be evaluated and put in our backlog to be deployed soon.

To follow up on the status of this request, please raise a ticket on and refer to this knowledge article in order to get the status.