Unable to access Packetshaper Web UI (requires Adobe Flash Player) and upload image file.
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Unable to access Packetshaper Web UI (requires Adobe Flash Player) and upload image file.


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PacketShaper S-Series


PacketShaper S-Series Web User Interface (version and below or and below) requires Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash player is no longer supported in many environments so you will not be able to access Web UI by default. Note: PacketShaper S-Series has two UI, Sky UI and Advanced UI. Sky UI is the default UI and requires Adobe Flash. Advanced UI does not require Adobe Flash.

As per Release Notes: In July 2017, Adobe announced that it will cease distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020 (“EOL Date”). Accordingly, all Flash-based tools have been removed from PacketShaper and The Sky UI has been replaced with a JavaScript/HTML5-based implementation.


PacketShaper version and and above does not require Adobe Flash Player, it used JavaScript/HTML5 instead. The solution is to upgrade to version higher than or

However, to upgrade the PacketShaper, you first have to upload the image to the unit via WebUI/FileBrowser. 

a. In order to gain access to WebUI/FileBrowser, from the CLI, you will have to change the default UI to Advanced UI using the command -  'sys set uiDefaultSky 0' - This will make Advanced UI the default UI instead of Sky UI and since it is not Adobe Flash Player dependent, you will now have access to Advanced UI even in or below.

b. Download the fresh image from Broadcom download page and then upload it to PacketShaper using Advanced UI/File Browser. (you can use the latest image available).

c. Make the newly downloaded image Active and reboot. Note: You may have to do Web page refresh if you switch between SkyUI to Advanced UI or whenever the entire page is not loaded.

Please download and follow the Release Notes for more details.

You can refer to the KB article below if you need help with the upgrade steps:

Procedure to perform software upgrade on PacketShaper S-Series