Decimals incorrect on attribute in DWH
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Decimals incorrect on attribute in DWH


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


An attribute displays correct number of decimals in Clarity UI and Clarity database, however does not show correctly in DWH database, DWH reports or Odata


The attribute decimals have been updated after the attribute was included in DWH


When updating data type on attributes, we recommend unchecking them from DWH first to recreate with the correct decimal number.

  1. Uncheck the attribute from Data Warehouse
  2. Run a Full Load DWH job
  3. Now check the attribute back in DWH
  4. Run a Full Load for DWH

This should correct the decimals to the current number in DWH

Note: If you are using Odata, also run Refresh Odata Model job after the Full Load completes