Multiple REST API requests when accessing a project
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Multiple REST API requests when accessing a project


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The customer uses the project tiles and due to having a project module that is busier than usual takes very long to load, probably 4x longer than it should take. After clicking on the Properties icon in a project from the Project Tiles, there is a REST API call that seems identical that occurs 4 times.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure a project with a blueprint that has the Properties module as the first module.
  2. With Developer Tools open, go to the Project Tiles and click on the properties icon for that project

Expected Results: There are no repeated REST API calls.

Actual Results: A REST API call that looks identical happens 4 times. Each identical call has to wait for the previous to finish.

Workaround: Clicking on the project in the project grid has this call 'only' twice, which is an improvement, but still not expected/optimal.


Clarity 16.1.3




This issue has been fixed in Clarity 16.2.1.