Changing DBMS, SDM, and Jaspersoft IP Addresses
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Changing DBMS, SDM, and Jaspersoft IP Addresses


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We have 3 servers - the SQL Server database on one, a single Service Desk server on another using a conventional configuration, and Jaspersoft on a third.  Jaspersoft and SDM are using SQL Server as the database.  We have completed our installation and testing in a test environment and now need these servers to be renamed to the production server naming standard and moved to the production network subnet so that they can be used as the production servers.  How can this be accomplished?


CA Service Desk Manager v17.3 and up


Since SQL Server, SDM, and Jaspersoft rely on hostnames to communicate with each other, changing the IP addresses should be a matter of updating the network settings on the servers for the new IP addresses and then updating the DNS directory accordingly so that the hostnames now resolve to the new IP addresses.

Changing the host names is another story, especially for the SDM server.  There are many settings in configuration files, the database, and the registry that would have to be updated, which is a risky, error-prone procedure.  The best way to ensure a reliable result is to create new virtual servers with the correct hostnames and IP addresses for the production environment and use the Swingbox Migration method to move all components to the new servers.

Additional Information

More information about Swingbox Migration can be found here: CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) - Swing Box Migration