Using the *-Shell settings in agent ini file
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Using the *-Shell settings in agent ini file


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The uc4 Agent uses the following for execution of all commands by default:

; Bourne-Shell=su - &user -c '(nohup &jobFile 1>&jobReport 2>&1 & echo $!)'
; C-Shell=su - &user -c '(nohup &jobFile 1>&jobReport & echo $!)'
; Korn-Shell=su - &user -c '(nohup &jobFile 1>&jobReport 2>&1 & echo $!)'
; Other-Shell=su - &user -c '(nohup &jobFile 1>&jobReport 2>&1 & echo $!)'

What are the requirements to use this?


Release: 21.0
Component: *nix agent


The *Shell= settings in the agent ini file can be updated, but are only called if you use start_Type = batch in the agent ini file.  This means that batch is used instead of fork.  There are a couple of things that also need to happen.  The agent must be on 21.0.8 or above.  You also need to have > /dev/null after.  So the following would be an example (and in fact will be the default in a future release):

nohup su - &user -c '"&jobFile" 1>"&jobReport" 2>&1 & echo $!' >/dev/null

There is still a problem with being unable to cancel jobs run in batch mode that will be addressed in a future release.