How to expose Password Policy attribute in an LDAP browser.
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How to expose Password Policy attribute in an LDAP browser.


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CA Directory


You are using a 3rd party LDAP browser to manage your data in Symantec Directory. You may have some password policy rules defined and want to see the values of those attributes but nothing shows up with you review an entry. You are wondering how to.


Symantec Directory does not provide any LDAP browser as an official component of the software. The most popular one is JXplorer LDAP browser which is a full version. There are other out there where the free versions are 'view' only capable. e.g. Apache Directory Studio, Softerra etc.

All browsers have an option to display what is called 'Operational Attributes' which are hidden by default.

If using JXplorer, once you have are viewing a user entry in 'Table Editor' view, you can click on the 'Properties' button. This will expose all available operational attributes at the top of the entry.

In Apache Studio, there is an option (check box) that you have to enable to expose Operational Attributes.

e.g. In JXplorer, here is what you expect to see once you are in 'Table Editor' view and click on the 'Properties' button (e.g. createTimeStamp, modifyTimeStamp etc.)