Duplicate SMP communication profile being created after site services install
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Duplicate SMP communication profile being created after site services install


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IT Management Suite


The Notification Server should only have one communication profile even if one or more site services are installed. However, it is noticed that a second communication profile is created for the NS after installing site services.


ITMS 8.x


Notification Server communication profile 'Attributes' has an incorrect value in the Symantec CMDB. This can happen after migration or incorrectly modifying the 'Attributes' in the database. To verify if this problem exists, continue to 'Resolution' section


Browse to Settings > Agents / Plug-ins > Symantec Management Agent Communication Profiles > Site Server Communication profiles

  1. Identify the original correct communication profile assigned to the Notification Server. This should be at the root of folder 'Symantec Management Agent Communication profiles'
  2. Right-click on the communication profile and select "Properties"
  3. Copy the GUID of the communication profile
  4. The next steps require access to SQL and running queries. Queries are provided as an example only and should be used at your own risk. If you are not comfortable continuing, please contact Broadcom Technical Support.
  5. Paste the following query into SQL and run, replacing the capitalized section with the appropriate GUID:
    select * from Item where GUID = 'GUID OF NS PROFILE'
  6. If the issue exists, you will notice the 'Attributes' column has a value other than 272. The Notification Server communication profile should have a value of 272 for 'Attributes'. Duplication of the communication profile and other problems may arise if the NS communication profile has a different value. The value '272' only applies to the Notification Server profile.
  7. To correct the attributes column, run the following query:
    Update Item
    set Attributes = '272'
    where Guid = 'GUID OF NS PROFILE'
  8. Follow this KB to remove the duplicate communication profile created after the site service install:
  9. If your issue is unrelated to NS communication profile Attributes column, contact Broadcom Technical Support