OPS/MVS - Renaming OPSLOG and SYSCHK1 datasets.
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OPS/MVS - Renaming OPSLOG and SYSCHK1 datasets.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


There is a need to rename the dataset name qualifiers (hlq's) of OPSLOG and SYSCHK1 datasets. 




You need to check dataset name references within OPSSPA00 and other configuration members. 
For example, if you create the rulesets with new names you have to update the OPSSPA00 parameter file to change the RULEPREFIX value.

The OPSTART1 CLIST may have to be updated to reflect the correct location of the OPSSPA00 member.
You will need to perform some searches in the rulesets and REXX libraries for possible references to the old library names.

Other locations to be searched:
- PROCLIBs and other JCL libraries 
- SYS1.PARMLIB members (regarding APF, LNKLST, etc)

The recommended process is to run the 'hlq.CCLXCNTL(DEFDIV)'
IDCAMS REPRO the old datasets to the new to make fallback easier.

Additional Information

Refer Configure Manually in the documentation for further details.