Dashboard portlet graphs change size horizontally
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Dashboard portlet graphs change size horizontally


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Dashboard portlet graphs change size horizontally when used in a MUX channel and when using the Phoenix UI Theme

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In Classic PPM, select the Phoenix UI Theme.
  2. Still in Classic, Go to a Project and to the Dashboard tab.
  3. Click the Spanner (Manage Project Tabs) and then click on Dashboard.
  4. On the Content tab add the Project Baselines graph portlet.
  5. Save and return.
  6. Go to the MUX and make a copy of the Standard Project blueprint.
  7. Edit the new Blueprint and go to the modules tab.
  8. Create a New Channel called Dashboard and set the Channel URL to /niku/nu#action:dashboardProjectStatus&id=${_internalId}&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on
  9. Publish the Blueprint.
  10. Go to the same project in the MUX and set the Blueprint to the one created in step 6.
  11. Open the project and go to the Dashboard tab.

Expected Results: The Graph portlet is displayed taking up all the available space. 

Actual Results: The graph portlet is compressed horizontally. If you then click on the Options cog for the portlet and then close the options dialog without any update, the graph is displayed taking up the available space.


Clarity PPM On-Premise/SaaS




Currently under investigation via DE78422 .