Responses times gateway endpoints
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Responses times gateway endpoints


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CA API Gateway


Looking for a quick way to gather response times of various endpoints after some performance tests were completed. 

Does Broadcom recommend any other solution? 


Gateway 10.X 11.X


The dashboard a good starting point to review end-points and response times 

Response times for each endpoint can be logged in SSG_DB or the audit DB using the Audit Detail Assertions

Link how to track latency


Context variables related to track time taken: - placed after any assertions to see how long it took

request.elapsedTime  - place at the end of a service or in a Global message complete policy equals total time service took 

service.resolutionUri - context variable to log the resolved URI - context variable to log service name 

httpRouting.latency - context variable to log latency fo the router assertions 

Another good method when performance is isolated is to audit log before and after assertions 

Audit Detail assertion:

Policy#: ${assertion.numberstr}; assertion.latency=${}; elapsedTime=${request.elapsedTime}; Policyname ${}; ServiceName ${}; Service URl  ${service.resolutionUri}

ASSERTIONS under question

Audit Detail assertion:  

Policy#: ${assertion.numberstr};${}; ElapsedTime=${request.elapsedTime}; GatewayTime: ${request.time}