A webdriver monitor returns error -98
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A webdriver monitor returns error -98


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We noticed one of our webdriver monitor suddenly registered errors with code -98.  Why did this happen?


This could happen if the station is in maintenance or not working properly and you only have 3 selected at that time. The recommendation is to add more public stations to the monitors and see if the problem persists, this way if one or more are in maintenance at the time, the more stations that are available for the monitor to use, the less chance this will happen.

Recommend 6 to 10 stations and choose in different regions as well. This way if an entire region is down for maintenance or some other outside factor, then your monitors will still have their checks run.

1. Find out where (or at least a general region) your site is hosted.

2. Choose 6 to 10 stations closest to that area

Example, if your site is hosted in Europe, you would select some stations from the Europe, Asia and Africa regions. Reason is the further away the station is from your hosting site, the more network hops it will take to get to and from the site and could take longer than something close by.

3. Choose the Sequential algorithm as this is the best way to ensure that all stations are utilized. Random is not entirely random and you may get the same station picked a few times in one hour versus others.

Scheduling Monitor Checks


ASM selects a monitoring station for the second opinion automatically from the order algorithm  you select for a given rule.

Next Monitor Station
The nearest monitor station
A random monitor station
Next monitor station in the sequence
If the previous probe returned an error, use the same monitor station. Otherwise pick one at random.