Receive CLIST TIUDSN, PGM: TICBP, ABEND S0C4 when accessing Host Encyclopedia panels
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Receive CLIST TIUDSN, PGM: TICBP, ABEND S0C4 when accessing Host Encyclopedia panels


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen Gen - Run Time Distributed Gen - Workstation Toolset


When attempting to access the Bind Parameters panel in the HE (Host Encyclopedia) get error:

CEE3204S The system detected a protection exception (System Completion Code=0C4).                                    
         From entry point SpfInteger::SpfInteger(const char*,const char*) at compile unit offset +000000FE at entry  
         offset +000000FE at address 1B2529D6.                                                                       
Abend 0C4000 hex occurred processing command 'DSN     '.                                                             

CLIST TIUDSN, PGM: TICBP, ABEND S0C4                  


Gen 8.6


Check to see if a Gen library is APF Authorized.  If so, remove the APF authorization from the library.

Referencing Gen 8.6 Technical Documentation on this topic: 

There is a 'Warning' note:

"Do not include Gen data sets from releases before Gen 8.6 in the ISPF logon concatenation because it may produce unpredictable results or cause errors. Do not install the Gen load modules in an APF authorized library."


Additional areas for review:
- Look at the ISPF.ISPPROF, specifically look for space and directory blocks issues.

-  If users can generate in the background, but not in the foreground, this may point to a potential logon proc issue. Meaning, users may not be using the correct datasets which could potentially explain the Bind Packages issues.

- Execute a TSO ISRDDN command and compare the foreground dataset concatenations with what was used in the background JCL (where the generation was successful). 

-  Is the user attempting to use LIBDEFs?

-  If this worked in the past, is this a new install or an upgrade? If an upgrade what was the prior release?  Did it just start to occur?   Is it only for a certain logon user and/or proc?