Nutanix_monitor Prism alerts to Moogsoft
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Nutanix_monitor Prism alerts to Moogsoft


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are monitoring nutanix alerts using the nutanix_monitor probe. We are also integrating the alarm monitoring externally using a third-party tool (Moogsoft) that intercepts the alarms using the UIM hub queue subscription (alarm2 subject).

While most of the nutanix alarms are forwarded correctly to external tool, "Prism" type of alerts coming from the same nutanix instance, which are visible in IM, are not visible in Moogsoft. 




DX UIM 20.4.x / 23.4

Nutanix any version


Differently from the rest of Nutanix alarms, prism type of alarms are imported by the Nutanix probe into UIM via the EMS. Once these events reach EMS they are created directly into the database.db so they do show in the UIM alarm consoles but they bypass the NAS hub queues mechanism. Therefore they cannot be intercepted by Moogsoft.


Currently, given by the design on how Prism Alarms are imported into UIM via the EMS it is not possible to forward Prism alarms to Moogsoft with any out-of-the-box UIM tool. 

Additional Information

The Dev. Team is working on a Feature to Standardize Nutanix Prism alarms. This is Tracked under feature number: F142277."

The Expected ETA is end April 2024.