Editing Department ID causes disconnect with OBS
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Editing Department ID causes disconnect with OBS


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After editing the ID of a Department, when the Department OBS is set to this Department, the "Department" field isn't in sync.

Pre-req: Allowing the ID to be editable:
1. In the Classic UI go to Administration then "Objects". Open the "Department" Object.
2. Go to "Views". On the "Department Properties" row click "Fields".
3. On "Department ID" open the Properties. On the "Properties" uncheck "Enter Once". Save and Publish the changes.
4. Go to "Home" and "Departments". Create a new Department, and assign a Location.
5. To confirm it works create a Project, and on the "Department OBS" field assign the new Department. On the Project go to "Properties" and "Settings" and on the "Department" field, the same Department will be assigned.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to "Home" and "Departments". Edit the Department previously created. Edit the ID field to a new value and save.
2. Create a new Project, on the "Department OBS" set to the Department.
3. Go into the Project's "Properties" and "Settings and notice the "Department" field is empty.

Expected Results: 

The Department field should match the Department OBS.

Actual Results:

The Department and the Department OBS are out of sync.

Another note:

If you go to the Administration "OBS". View "Departments". Go to "Units" and open the Department in the list, the "ID" value will still display the original ID, not the new one.


Clarity 16.1.3, 16.2.0





1. Revert the ID of the non-working Department to the original value.

2. On the Department ID attribute details recheck "Enter Once", to prevent any IDs from being changed.


In 16.2.1 the ability to edit the ID has been removed to prevent this from occurring