Identity Source amount of users enhancement for API
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Identity Source amount of users enhancement for API


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VIP Authentication Hub


In VIP Authentication Hub, when running the following API call, even if the command is set to return 1000 objects, only 100 are returned.

https://{{sspHost}}/{{apiPathTenant}}/admin/v1/Users?filter=identitySourceName eq ldapcorpgw&limit=1000

Can that API call command to be enhanced with:

  • Make the hard limit a configurable limit of objects returned?
  • Allow wildcards in the search filter?
  • Allow to define what attributes should be returned?



The purpose of this API is to troubleshoot the Account Store only.

The output has enough data to identify the account to lead an investigation on some specific account problems.

Wild cards are supported, the syntax is to use sw (starts with), ew (ends with). Running a query with no filter should show you the full syntax.

For a use outside the troubleshooting, accessing the data is best done via the Data Base direct access.

Credentials UI actually does the same to show available Identity Sources, but doesn't show the actual number.

It needs to be updated to display the number next to the Identity Source.

But using the API will show how many users have an account.

  GET https://{sspHost}/{apiPathTenant}/admin/v1/UsersHelper/DistinctIdentitySources

  [...omitted for brevity...]

      "totalCount" : 4,
      "identitySourceName": "Example"

  [...omitted for brevity...]

The number of users will be added in the Credentials dialog when selecting the Identity Source in the Admin Console, to show the number of users per Identity Source.  

This additional minor feature should be available in VIP Authentication Hub 2.2.1.

To get the list of users, use the Database tools for that sake. Also, if the primary Database has a standby replica Database, such read-only operations should be performed on the replica Database for performance considerations.