How to apply a new SCU to the CCS agent install media
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How to apply a new SCU to the CCS agent install media


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Is there a way to add this new SCU 2023-2 to the 12.6.1 Agent Install so that it gets installed when the agent is installed?


CCS 12.6.x


To install a newer SCU on an agent during the time of the installation, what you will need to do is to remove the existing SCU TPK file from the agent install media, and then put in the new SCU TPK file for the SCU you want applied during installation.

See the steps below to replace an older SCU in the agent media with a newer version.

So for this example below, we are using the Linux 12.6.1 agent install media and the newest SCU TPK file (SCU 2023-2 is used in this example since it is the newest SCU at the time of writing this KB):

  1. In the 12.6.1 Agent install media, browse to the ...\CCS_Agent\unix\linux\x64\esm1260\su directory and remove any existing ccs.tpk file. (by default, the 12.6.1 agent comes packaged with SCU 2022-3, which is contained in the ccs.tpk). The below screenshot is from the Linux agent install media:
  2. Now go to and download the SCU 2023-2 package ( Extract the to a temporary folder.
  3. Once extracted, go to the Symantec_CCS_SCU_2023.2\TPK_Files\Unix\Linux\x64 folder and copy the '12.x_ccs.tpk' for Linux (64 bit) and put it in the same directory in the agent install media as in step one.
  4. Once you copy the 12.x_ccs.tpk file to the agent install CCS_Agent\unix\linux\x64\esm1260\su directory, change the name from 12.x_ccs.tpk and rename it to ccs.tpk

Now that the agent install media will install and apply the SCU 2023-2 content when used to install the Linux agent on a server. The same process is used for other platforms like Windows, you just need to replace the existing *.tpk file in the agent install 'su' directory with the appropriate one from the SCU 2023-2 download, and then the new SCU will be applied.