"LogicBase.ServerExtensions.exe" errors in the Event Viewer Application log
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"LogicBase.ServerExtensions.exe" errors in the Event Viewer Application log


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Client Management Suite


Noticed in the Event Viewer's Application logs a large quantity of errors with the Source of "LogicBase.ServerExtensions.exe" with the following details:

error invoking DoInvoke in service

We verified that the ServerMonitoring.asmx file did not exist in the Virtual Directory of <Notification Server>\Sites\Default Web Site\Altiris\Workflow (i.e. C:\Program Files\Altiris\Workflow) which is the default configuration when Workflow hasn't been configured.

We too verified in the Windows Services app that the Symantec Workflow Server service exists with the Startup Type of Automatic and in this case the Status was Running, and unless Workflow is configured this service by default would not be running.


ITMS 8.6 RU2


Workflow is installed when the Notification Server is installed but it is not used unless configured.  In this the Symantec Workflow Server service had been started and was running (by default it is not started and is only used if Workflow has been configured).


We stopped the Symantec Workflow Server by right-clicking and selecting Stop and we then set the Startup Type to "Manual" instead of the default setting of "Automatic" as we didn't want the service to Start since Workflow is not being used.  There is no risk in stopping the service and setting it to the Startup Type of "Manual".