update-dispatcher.sh does not work with Debian ova.
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update-dispatcher.sh does not work with Debian ova.


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CA API Developer Portal


When attempting to create a certificate request using the update-dispatcher.sh  the below error is thrown

./update-dispatcher.sh: line 36: /usr/bin/hexdump: No such file or directory

The portal appliance has been deployed using the latest Debian OVA and has the latest platform update installed (2023-11-06).


portal 5.2.x Debian OVA 


To work around the missing utility ,you can install the hexdump utility with the following steps :

  1. Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list file :
    deb https://mirror.it.ubc.ca/debian bullseye main
    deb-src https://mirror.it.ubc.ca/debian bullseye main
    deb https://mirror.it.ubc.ca/debian bullseye-updates main
    deb-src https://mirror.it.ubc.ca/debian bullseye-updates main
    deb https://security.debian.org/debian-security bullseye-security main contrib non-free
  2. Run the command : sudo apt update
  3. Run the command : sudo apt install bsdextrautils

We will include it in the next update for the Debian ova image or update the update-dispatcher.sh script.