EDM policy not detecting all columns
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EDM policy not detecting all columns


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Detection is not happening properly i.e. 

- file is having 8 column and 7k+ line.

- policy is configured to match any 1 column.

- we tried to trigger policy by sending data of 1 column.


DLP 15.8, 16.0


The Data Source information should be exactly as defined in the document i.e. the data to be free of duplicate and should be unique.

The encoding should match with the data source with that of the configuration on the EDM configuration i.e. UTF-8 , Windows 

Update the source data to be unique and follow the Best practices as per below document link.

Best practices for using EDM

1. Change the Encoding to go to UTF-8 as per the file encoding (validate and confirm)

2. The Match Data Row value is set to selected1of selected fields as in below screenshot

3. Change the policy Rule selected fields from 1 to 8 as you wanted to validate all 8 columns in this case as below.

Save the configuration and revalidate the behavior.