AIOps 23.2 onpremise idle timeout redirect to a "DX SaaS" blank page
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AIOps 23.2 onpremise idle timeout redirect to a "DX SaaS" blank page


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DX Operational Intelligence DX Application Performance Management CA App Experience Analytics


23.2 UI idle timeout redirects to an invalid web page, it show DX SaaS on the banner, however it is an on-premise setup.


DX Platform 23.1, 23.2


This problem is related to defect DE585844 and fixed in 23.3

- The issue is only reproduced in the firefox browser locally, not able to reproduce in chrome browser. 
- In firefox when there is a redirect, we are seeing NS_BINDING_ABORTED error, In this case logout and redirect flow going into error condition in doi-adminui code where apmServicesUrl is not getting populated in 23.2
- The issue is fixed in 23.3 by populating the APM_SERVICES_URL in doi-adminui pod


1) Upgrade to 23.3 

2) Edit the doi-adminui deployment:

kubeclt edit deployemnt doi-adminui -n <your namespace>

3) Update below environment variable accordintly to your apmservices-gateway endpoint

APM_SERVICES_URL:<gateway URL>/dxiportal



IMPORTANT:  update the protocol (http) accordingly to your environment if it is is secured (https)

4) Save the deployment ( a new doi-adminui pod will be created)

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