Integration with Hiplink software
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Integration with Hiplink software


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


  • We setup hiplink from the nas probe and would like to generate reports on emails sent.
  • In the nas probe Auto Operator, we have profiles using Action Type->Command for creating the hiplink connection/integration.


  • DX UIM, any version


  • Guidance/Inquiry 


Hiplink software integration

You can execute a script/command from the nas using a nas AO profile for instance but we don't have any officially supported or tested integration with hiplink so you would have to work with them on what integration options might be best to leverage. At the link below they list the integration options. 

The most common integrations are through REST, CLI (Command Line Interface), and COM object but we also support a JAVA interface, XML via SOAP, our own HTTP API and other gateways such as WCTP< SMPP, SNPP input, SMTP input, TAP input, a File System Interface for mainframes and SNMP traps. We have easy-to-use manual integration notes for a variety of popular applications like SCOM, MOM, Tivoli, and Heat to mention a few.