Unable to export ICS schedule in Change Calendar
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Unable to export ICS schedule in Change Calendar


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


When attempting to export a change calendar, the export does not generate the expected schedule.ics file and seemingly does not do anything

In the browser console, under the "Console" tab, one may see "Uncaught ReferenceError:  argsSchedCIFamily is not defined"


Release: 17.3 or higher
Component:  CA Service Desk Manager


There is a custom list_chgsched.htmpl in the NX_ROOT/site/mods which lacks the "argsSchedCIFamily" definition. 

If one opens the list_chgsched.htmpl that is located within NX_ROOT/bopcfg, there will be a line referencing "argsSchedCIFamily".  This same reference will be missing under the same file under NX_ROOT/site/mods.  This is often due to older legacy versions of list_chgsched.htmpl that had been customised from prior installations that were carried over into later releases of 17.3 and onwards.


There are two options:

- Remove the list_chgsched.htmpl form from site/mods and use the OOB version of the given form under bopcfg

- Review prior customisation history on list_chgsched.htmpl and re-create the same changes, but use the version of the list_chgsched.htmpl form that exists in 17.3