View Submitted Tasks returns different results on different nodes of a cluster
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View Submitted Tasks returns different results on different nodes of a cluster


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CA Identity Suite


We are running a 3-node IDM cluster.

Today, we witnessed an issue while monitoring 'In Progress' tasks in VST (View Submitted Tasks).

Two team members were checking 'In Progress' task numbers in VST and were reporting completely different numbers.

VST showing 5000+ tasks on one node's UI, and VST with the same search parameters was showing ~200 tasks on another node.

Is this a normal behavior? Do we need to check any configs to ensure that VST reports the same numbers across all nodes?


IDM application server cluster configuration.


It is not normal to see different VST results on different cluster nodes. All nodes in the cluster should be showing the same VST results. Make sure all nodes are truly part of the same cluster (check app server logs for any cluster-related issues), and are all pointing to the same task persistence tables (their datasource configurations should all be the same). Also, have your DBA check the task persistence database to ensure that any db mirroring or synchronization is okay. There is nothing in the IDM configuration that would cause this discrepancy--it would likely be a problem in the app server data source configuration or Database behavior.


Check the standalone-full-ha.xml  or equivalent configuration files on all nodes to verify that the datasources for task persistence are pointing to the same database location in all nodes. Also, check the task persistence database itself to determine whether there are any problems with replication, failover, etc.