Abend ASRA after ideal 15.1 Level set 01
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Abend ASRA after ideal 15.1 Level set 01


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After applying 15.1 Level Set 01 for Datacom, the execution of an updated and recompiled programs failed with ABEND ASRA. This execution used load module format. The same program runs well with the VLS format of the program.
The DUMP of the program shows this error: 
A18RSPD Transaction UC19 failed with abend ASRA.

Before applying LEVEL SET 01, any recompiled program could run successfully.


Component: Ideal 15.1


This problem was caused by solution LU10114 when it was applied as part of the 15.1 Level Set 01.

If a program is recompiled after applying LU10114, and is run in load module format, the run may abend with a S0C4 if REENTPRROTECT is on, or it may cause an overlay in the updatable portion of the load module if REENTPROTECT is off.


Applying solution LU11647 - LOAD MODULE STORAGE OVERWRITTEN WITH RESET INITIAL, solves the problem.

Additional Information

For more details see the Solution Description section of solution LU11647.