Variables or attributes for Universe in recent upgrade
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Variables or attributes for Universe in recent upgrade


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In the most recent release of DX-APM from releases on or around 11/18/2023, Universes were added to the DX-Dashboard component.  

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Since DX-Dashboards now use APM Universes as filters for Dashboards is or are there Dashboard Variables or APM Attributes that list the Universe that is selected (in the upper right corner of the page)

Also, does changing the Universe selection trigger a Range update to the Dashboard?


The Universe dropdown in DXD fetches available universes based on user access from both APM and OI. This ensures that users can view data specific to the selected universe.

Regarding your second question, if you are referring to the time range, changing the universe selection triggers a data refresh on the dashboard. Consequently, the time range is updated to align with the chosen universe, ensuring that the displayed data corresponds accurately to the selected criteria