Recommendations for LDAP browser and it's supportability
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Recommendations for LDAP browser and it's supportability


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CA Directory


You have been using JXplorer LDAP browser for your Symantec Directory and some small configurations. You are wondering if there are any other LDAP browsers that Broadcom recommends or supports.



As LDAP browser is something that is not provided by Broadcom, supportability of your choice of LDAP browser is not part of official support from Broadcom as it is a 3rd party product.

Yes, JXplorer is the most popular one due to following reasons:

1) It is a full blown version of LDAP browser (meaning it can be used to view/edit/add objects in DSA) that is free of cost.
2) It was originally CA (Computer Associates which is now Broadcom) product that was donated to open source community many many years ago and has been maintained by open source community.

Other popular ones are:

** Apache Studio LDAP browser
** Softerra LDAP browser

But I believe the free versions of the above is 'view' only so you can review the information while not able to modify anything in the directory. For that I believe a paid version is available.

Again, Symantec Directory does not provide any LDAP browser officially as a product or component that we maintain so there is no support available for that. It will be up to the customer to shop around depending on their business requirement OR go along with a free version (e.g. JXplorer).