PAM-CM-1028 error for reason description exceeding 256 characters
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PAM-CM-1028 error for reason description exceeding 256 characters


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Entering a password view reason description with more than 256 characters causes error PAM-CM-1028: Reason description must not exceed 1024 characters:


The description you entered has more than 256 characters, but is way below the supposed limit of 1024 characters.

The Password View Policy (PVP) has options "Reason Required" and "Check-out/Check-In" set. A PVP with dual authentication enabled instead of Check-out/Check-in would be affected as well.


Affects PAM releases 4.1.6 and lower.


The limit for the Reason Required text field in the database was increased from 256 to 1024 several years ago. But a configuration file containing size constraints retained the old limit.


The problem will be fixed in PAM 4.1.7+ and 4.2+.

It is possible for PAM Support to resolve the problem by accessing the PAM appliance after enabling PAM Debugging Services, if a quick solution is required for an affected release.