Latest Quova data did not contain the Active IP
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Latest Quova data did not contain the Active IP


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CA Risk Authentication


The latest Quova data downloaded from the support site does not contain any active IP's in it and the size of the data is less than the regular size.

The file size is : 657046670 Nov 30 09:20 arcot_v7.csv.gz

The data just contains the suspect IP addresses like below

"[IP Address]","suspect"
"[IP Address]","suspect"
"[IP Address]","suspect"


All supported AA Risk Authentication versions (Product Version 9.1.x)


Quova vendor Neustar provides Quova data to use. The data provided currently does not contain a list of suspect IP addresses. 


The data provided by the Quova vendor Neustar is not proper this time and it is less in size than normal and also does not contain the Active Anonymizer information. Broadcom is actively engaged with Neustar for remediated data to be uploaded. We have reverted the data to one older version on the support site. If you downloaded the data last week, please hold off uploading it in your environment. This KB article #276755 will be updated when the remediation is done our vendor Neustar and once the new proper data is uploaded on the support site. 

Here is more information about the Anonymizer data provided by the Neustar vendor.

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