RC/Query EDIT command not working for DDL
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RC/Query EDIT command not working for DDL


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RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


After issuing the DDL command, entering the EDIT command on the Batch Processor Display Input panel does nothing. No warning or error messages are issued and the command is ignored.

The same problem occurs for the HDDL command.


This problem may be caused by an incompatibility with another Vendors ISPF Tool.


Check for the presence of existing user macros or user commands.

  1. In ISPF 3.4, edit a dataset. Whilst in Edit, enter the PROFILE command.
    In the displayed =PROF> lines is a named macro displayed for IMACRO or is it set to NONE?
  2. In ISPF, issue the TSO ISPVCALL STATUS command.
    Is there an EDIT command defined in the USERCMDS Command Table in the ISPVCALL trace?

You may be able to use >EDIT as a work-around to using the EDIT command in RC/Query.