Is the TDM Mainframe Add-On compatible with IBM z/OS 2.5
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Is the TDM Mainframe Add-On compatible with IBM z/OS 2.5


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We would like to confirm is the TDM Mainframe Add-On is compatible with z/OS 2.5


TDM Mainframe Add-on: All releases
IBM Mainframe on z/OS


None of the TDM Mainframe Add-Ons releases have ties to the z/OS release. So z/OS 2.5 is fine. The installation needs to have the proper LE runtime to support the COBOL version that you intend to use. We support COBOL 4 and COBOL 6. 

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Additional Information

If you are running an older TDM Add-On release, and would like to upgrade. You will want to install the GA release of the Mainframe Add-On, based on your COBOL release. Then apply the latest TDM Mainframe Add-On patch, since the latest patch may not be a full installation of all the TDM Programs and Procs. 

The latest TDM Add-On releases are:

  • TDM Mainframe add-on release 6.0.03 (for COBOL 6.2)
  • TDM Mainframe add-on release 5.4.21 (for COBOL 4.2)

The TDM patches are available for download at